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July 27-28, 2012

Vienna Opera Soloist Performs in Lviv

Vienna State Opera Prima Donna Victoria Lukyanets will give a requiem-concert in Saint George’s Cathedral (Sobor Sviatoho Yura) in Lviv. This is going to be a pro bono performance.

The concert will commemorate the victims of Sknyliv tragedy. Victoria Lukyanets was invited to Lviv by Austrian composer and violinist Ninuam Wimer. The two musicians will perform together. The concert will take place under the auspices of the Lviv city and region administrations.

Vicotria Lukyanets graduated from the Solo Singing Department of the R. Glier Kyiv Institute. “I am proud to be Ukrainian and to have learned to sing in Ukraine. The fact that I am invited to perform on leading operatic stages is a proof of Ukrainian operatic art being highly regarded in the word,” Lukyanets said in her interview with Interfax Ukraine. Victoria Lukyanets tours the world with a vast repertoire. In the Vienna Opera she performs bel canto parts in Vildo de Chamonix, The Puritans, La Traviata, Rigoletto, The Love Potion, The Barber of Seville, and The Magic Flute, and many more.

The Sknyliv air show disaster occurred on July 27, 2002, when a Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 crashed during an aerobatics presentation at Sknyliv airfield near Lviv, Ukraine. 77 people were killed and 543 injured.

When: July 27-28, 2012

Where: Saint George's Cathedral (Sobor Sviatoho Yura), 5 Sviatoho Yura Sq., Lviv